Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

  • No Pain, No Retain! Does It Hurt to Wear an Orthodontic Retainer?

    By the time the day comes when you can finally have your braces removed, you will have grown used to wearing them--and all the responsibilities as well as pain that came with them. But when they come off, your orthodontic journey does not end there. To ensure that your teeth do not shift back into their former positions as is their natural inclination, you'll need to wear a retainer to hold them in place.

  • Dental Implant on the Move: Why It Seems Like Your Dental Implant Has Moved

    One of the most reliable aspects of dental implants is that unlike natural teeth, which shift over time, dental implants generally remain fixed in place. However, in some cases, it may seem as though your dental implant has shifted. This might cause it to interfere with the adjacent teeth. Your bite may also not be in alignment as a result. The likelihood that your implant has moved through bone as a natural tooth might is low.

  • Two Ways You Can Achieve Teeth Whitening

    A bright and confident smile leads to a stronger and more presentable personality. Everyone wants to fix oral problems as quickly as possible, and tooth blemishes are one of those problems you can fix quickly. That brown patch or blackish discoloration making you look awkward whenever you talk or smile can be removed quite easily when you consider teeth whitening as an option. There are two ways you can achieve effective teeth whitening:

  • How Sugar Can Represent a Twin Threat to Your Oral Health

    Sugar comes in many different forms. It occurs naturally in fruit, but can also be added to artificially manufactured food and drink in large quantities. Many people believe that sugar presents a general threat to your health, as it can promote cellular inflammation. However, it seems that it can pose a particular threat to the health of your teeth, from not one but two different perspectives. What should you be aware of before you buy any packaged fruit juices or high-energy drinks again?

  • Helping Your Child Overcome Dental Phobia

    Dental anxiety in kids can result in poor oral health. As a parent, this is the last thing you want for your child. The good thing is that there's a host of things you can do to help your child overcome dental phobia. Keep it simple Avoid too many details during your visit to the dentist. Numerous details raises more questions and cause unnecessary anxiety. Maintain a positive attitude when talking about an upcoming visit.

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    Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

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